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Intellectual Property,
for small businesses and independent inventors

Intellectual Property - For Small Businesses And Independent Inventors

Can intellectual property be important for your small business?

Welcome to Small Business IP Guidance.

Understanding intellectual property is not rocket science.
But the legal aspects are sometimes counter intuitive or sometimes downright obtuse.

IP Rocket Ship

Who is this site for?

The answer is quite simple. Guidance on Intellectual Property is for the many, many independent inventors and managers of small businesses who create inventive ideas and are concerned about whether they should protect them - but are not that familiar with all of the issues (and costs involved) and do not have the time to research these issues because they are busy trying to create or run a small business.

 How Can You Use It?

We want this site to be useful - primarily for independent inventors and small businesses. So, we have attempted to make the navigation as transparent as possible. Most of the navigation is controlled by drop down menus. The drop-down menus on this home page lead to a number of sub-category pages that cover all of the different aspects of intellectual property. For each of those sub-categories you will find an overview, with a series of useful articles included as links. An overview of the entire site will be provided via a Site Map, which will show you all of the articles to date. By the way - this site is always a work in progress, so that Site Map will grow with time. In fact, if you would like to see additional articles on items of interest in intellectual property please drop us a line. And very soon we will be adding a Blog to NolteSBIP so that you can follow the blog and/or use an RSS reader.

Who are we?

Nolte Intellectual Property Law Group is a mid-sized firm in Houston, Texas focusing exclusively on protecting small business and entrepreneurial intellectual property through patents, trademarks, and copyrights.  However, our focus doesn’t stop with protecting intellectual property, as we believe that monetizing intellectual property is an equally important and often overlooked aspect of many small businesses.  Therefore, we work with our clients to license their technology on a royalty basis to generate a revenue stream and increase company valuation through solid intellectual property that subsequently supports a higher company sale price.

We’ve developed these protection and monetization strategies through 20+ years of experience in both law and small business.  For example, our firm’s founding partner is a successful entrepreneur having started, operated, and sold multiple multimillion-dollar small businesses. So with Nolte IP you’re getting a unique perspective of experienced small business professionals to help you with your small business issues.  Further, there are a few aspects of intellectual property you can do in-house (even do yourself) and we’re happy to guide you in these areas help reduce your costs, however, there are some aspects of intellectual property where it is critical that you have professional help. We think we can help you sort out which is which.

So regardless of which aspects of intellectual property you want to better understand, this site is a portal to useful information for you. Please feel free to explore it and use the information freely.

If there is more information you need that we are not supplying please let us know. We will always be a work-in progress.

Alex Nolte, Managing Partner, Nolte Lackenbach Siegel
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